Hello World,

You want a IT Service? Then you are at the good place. We Are providing IT SERVICE ON DEMAND.

Just follow me to book service by just using your fingertips.

First download the App from Apple App Store if you are iPhone/iPad User.


And if you are Android user then you can download the app from Google Play Store or Amazon App Store.



After installing the app you need to set up your account in the app. It is very simple, just provide the details like your address, name, phone number, and your profile picture.

To see the demo, I attached some screenshot to see

After you have done setup you can book the Service from the app.

How does this whole Ecosystem work?

Let’s understand from the beginning.

  1. The buyer opens the IT ON DEMAND app.
  2. Then Buyer finds the service that he/she needed. Let’s assume the “Virus Removal Service”.
  3. Now buyer will select the Service provider (Probably you or any service provider who registered to Partner app).
  4. Then the Buyer writes that what is the issue?
  5. Buyer will select the date and time to solve any issue or just providing the service at that time.
  6. now buyer will add the address to provide the service to on that address.
  7. After this buyer will purchase the service based on two payment method. It can be Cash on Service or Online Payment.
  8. After Buyer confirms the service. The Service provider will get a notification on the Partner app.
  9. Now Service Provider needs to accept/reject the order.
  10. If the service provider accepts the order then the service provider needs to go to place to provide service.
  11. Once Service provider starts working, He/She needs to Press “Work Started” Button.
  12. Same for Work Completion.
  13. Once Service Provider Completes the work buyer will be notified to pay the amount.
  14. And Congratulation you completed the order

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